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04.10.2006 British MP supports Indian BPO industry.this one has all the potential to seriously hinder and affect Indian BPO fortunes.

01.10.2006 BPOs may process 30% US bank deals by 2010industry has the potential to process up to 30 per cent of all US bank transactions by 2010..

01.10.2006 More Aussie cos to outsource work to India.Australia's St George Bank is also planning to transfer jobs to India.
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IT Infrastructure and Integration:

The process of data integration will play an even more critical role as organizations increase their BPO and software as a service (SaaS) providers over the next few years of outsourcing process. Enterprises today are primarily dealing with the challenge of integrating of data from a wide range of disparate, heterogeneous systems within the enterprise. As a result of the growing trend towards business outsourcing, more and more business-critical data can be managed by service providers outside the enterprise or, in other words, beyond corporate firewalls. Enterprises face significant new challenges as they seek to manage cross-enterprise data fragmentation.

There are two principal of integration challenges organizations that must deal with outsourcing core business processes. The first challenge is migrating data from in-house IT systems to those of their outsourcing service providers. The second challenge is gaining a holistic, accurate view of the extended virtual enterprise by integrating data back from these service providers. Enterprise data integration software enables enterprises to overcome these challenges. Our data integration technology is used to migrate, consolidate and synchronize data across multiple systems within the enterprise. In a similar manner, data integration technology is used to move data between enterprises and their service providers across corporate firewalls.

The open, service-oriented architecture of our platform, coupled with its performance and productivity advantages. BPO Maestro provides near-universal access to all enterprise data sources, including Web services. In fact, Web services can serve as both the source and target of the data integration process. Being an independent data integration vendor ensures that we work with the broadest possible range of data sources. We have no biases toward promoting one hardware platform or one database system or one application suite over any others. This is particularly important as the diversity and heterogeneity of today's IT environment only increases with more outsourcing service providers.

Our success is the result of execution discipline driven by our focused strategy around one goal: Make Informatica the undisputed leader in the enterprise data integration market. We see demand for data integration growing due to three trends. First, customers are selecting BPO Maestro for more than data warehousing projects; they are now utilizing the platform for broader data integration initiatives such as data migration, consolidation and master data management. Second, customers are choosing BPOMaestro for more than departmental projects; they are standardizing on BPOMaestro for all their data integration initiatives across the enterprise and establishing centralized "Integration Competency Centers." And third, as we discussed earlier, outsourcing is leading the new wave of cross-enterprise data integration initiatives.

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