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04.10.2006 British MP supports Indian BPO industry.this one has all the potential to seriously hinder and affect Indian BPO fortunes.

01.10.2006 BPOs may process 30% US bank deals by 2010industry has the potential to process up to 30 per cent of all US bank transactions by 2010..

01.10.2006 More Aussie cos to outsource work to India.Australia's St George Bank is also planning to transfer jobs to India.
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Legal billing:-

BPO Maestro is a bpo service provider nationally-recognized legal billing fee management and litigation consulting firm. Our clients include major corporations, government agencies, law firms, insurance companies, and anyone else who pays substantial legal fees, needs to examine the reasonableness of legal fees, or wishes to analyze litigation for the bpo and outsourcing services they used.

Our accounting personnel provide legal billing that will be responsible for processing attorney time sheets and related billing functions for business consulting services. The billing courses are designed to provide clients and law firms with meaningful cost information on legal services in a uniform and standardized manner.

We have now developed an understanding of a uniform set of legal billing and task categories offers for bpo services and outsourcing solution. Standard billing categories make it possible for law firms to standardize their billing systems and for corporate law departments to work with their law firms in a far more efficient manner than prevails today. These standards offer a process of paperless billing at a new level of administrative and cost efficiency of legal billing in India. BPO Maestro's Advocate brings the perspective of experienced trial lawyers to legal fee analysis and litigation management.

Our services include:

Legal bill reviews and audits.

Second opinions on litigation options.

Case post-mortems, both for legal malpractice claims or lawyer management.

Real-time litigation monitoring.

Law firm evaluation, selection, and auditions.

Alternative fees.

Litigation strategy and tactics audits.

Case risk and expense evaluation, including analysis for third-parties like analysts, investors, and competitors.

Legal fee budgets and estimates.

Fee dispute mediation and arbitration.

Litigation and legal fee management training.

For clients without in-house legal counsel, we provide our Independent Counsel Service to fill the legal management gap at a reasonable cost.

We strive to provide cost-effective services while promoting an equitable lawyer-client relationship.

We are independent.  We do not prejudge any legal bill.  We are not owned by nor are we affiliated with any insurance company.

Our bill reviews and audits are not based on nit-picking or arbitrary standards.

We abide by applicable ethical rules and maintain the confidentiality of our work.

Our services are provided nationwide.

Billing System - Simplify, Organize & Control Your Practice

Your malpractice risks are high.

Clients are demanding more for less.

Competitors are more effective.

You're losing billable hours.

All of these goes away when our technology work for you. Free up time spent on administrative tasks and use it for practicing law of order. While we can handle data processing in almost any form (even bills handwritten on note cards) or establish a reasonable fee based on benchmarks without time records of any kind, we also have the state of the art electronic tools to scan, convert ("OCR"), and analyze bills quickly and accurately for your business.

In addition to our other business consulting services, we can examine millions of dollars in fees per month and have the technology and resources to examine far more. Beyond simply skimming the bills, we bring additional insight and depth to our bill examination because of our litigation and legal business management experience.

BPO Maestro's Advocate can also review the outsourcing work product, correspondence, and retention agreements to gain a better understanding of the circumstances in which the bill arose.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                BPO Maestro is an organized as a law firm. Our professional bpo and outsourcing standards are high, as is our work product quality. An added consideration is that we adhere to professional standards with regard to the confidentiality of our communications and work product.
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