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04.10.2006 British MP supports Indian BPO industry.this one has all the potential to seriously hinder and affect Indian BPO fortunes.

01.10.2006 BPOs may process 30% US bank deals by 2010industry has the potential to process up to 30 per cent of all US bank transactions by 2010..

01.10.2006 More Aussie cos to outsource work to India.Australia's St George Bank is also planning to transfer jobs to India.
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Legal Industry Services


BPO Maestro's legal bpo services for legal business process outsourcing service helps Law Firm's to increase there service value by outsourcing low end legal work to us and freeing attorney's to concentrate on specialized legal bpo services. It's a way of transforming law firms into a more effective organization.

In today's competitive, worldwide legal market; effective legal support requires a combination of legal capabilities: the ability to deliver highest quality, clearly stated legal BPO service, deep knowledge of client markets and their individual commercial and regulatory standards; acceptance by regulators; and perhaps most importantly, common sense understanding of the client's commercial objectives. When you require legal BPO Service in relation to: Transcription, Coding, Document Management, Scoping, Billing, Secretarial and Paralegal bpo services; state of the art service is available from bpoMaestro , we have a team of experts wherever you do business.

BPO Maestro consults with law firms and corporations to provide the very best attorneys, paralegals and legal support Service.

As a full service Legal resource, BPO Maestro offers specialized solutions across the broad and diverse legal marketplace - From small boutique practices to regional and national law firms. bpoMaestro utilizes competent and trained resources to exceed client expectations. 

Our gamut of Service Offering in Legal BPO are the following:

Legal Transcription

BPO Maestro offers accurate tape and digital voice transcriptions for Law firms. We transcribe your audio files (wav, vox, dss, mp3, etc.) all within a 12-hour period or as per the client requirement. Our accuracy rate is 98.7%. We have expertise in transcribing for all known specialties. Delivery of transcripts is by secure Email or through FTP. we go to great lengths to control the quality of our transcription service. All our transcriptionists have excellent legal terms knowledge and typing ability. We have attorneys from the top Indian law schools, having at least three years of legal. Practice experience. Our final quality control screen is done by Experienced Attorneys, who thoroughly review the work for accuracy and proper format.

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Document Management

BPO Maestro's database developers will work with the law firm's legal team to design a custom database to provide efficient and secure document access.bpoMaestro ensures that our database solutions meet our client's document management needs, and is backed accordingly by industry standards.

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Legal Billing

Our accounting personnel will be responsible for processing attorney time sheets and related billing functions. Billing scheme is flexible, accurate. We have standard billing as well as client specific on case to case basis.

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Legal coding

Smart intuitive coding and indexing documents can give law firms a competitive edge in a case and in the courtroom. bpoMaestro will assist the client in developing the coding specifications. Typical fields include Bates Numbers, Attachment Range, Document Title, Author, Recipient, Names in Text, Dates, Document Type and Document Characteristics.

Scoping & Court Reporting Services

Our team of experienced scopists have extensive experience in the legal arena such as that of expert witnesses and patent infringements etc. They can handle heavy technical work and will always research any and all unfamiliar names and terms. Court reporting service we offer is done through experienced , fast , reliable and certified/licensed professionals specializing in medical malpractice; patent law; construction defect liability; product liability; conventions; administrative hearings; seminars; conferences; meetings; arbitrations etc.

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Legal Translation

Language Services combines a large in-house translation staff with helpful, personalized attention in order to provide you with a service that responds to your language needs. Whether you require the translation of a summons and complaint or the transcription of an evidentiary tape, bpoMaestro provides professional solutions. bpoMaestro also assists on special projects such as the preliminary review of foreign language documents in discovery, and research on foreign language legal texts.

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Data Entry Service

BPOMaestro's Legal data entry services can eliminate document overload by taking your hard copy data of depositions, hearings, arbitrations, meetings, and other events etc that need to be documented and moving it into a workable database. Enabling better control over your law firms information and regulate knowledge management more efficiently in all aspects of your business. Our online data entry services will accelerate business processes by collecting paper documents and turning them into accurate information for your business applications and databases. Our accuracy for our data entry services is 99.5%.

We go to great lengths to control the quality of our services. All our data entry personal have excellent legal terms knowledge and research ability. Quality control is done by Experienced Attorneys, from top Indian law schools, having at least three years of legal practice experience. Attorneys thoroughly review the work for accuracy and proper format.

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Secretarial And Paralegal bpo services

We offer a range of paralegal bpo services which include processing claims, data entry, proofreading services, document review, deposition digesting and shepardizing cases.

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eFiling Service

BPOMaestro's eFiling Service offers a world class electronic return and payment submission solution to attorneys and corporate counsels for Incorporation submission etc.. The state of the art technology solution evolved in house for form processing can handle real time, on demand requirements. Electronic applications received via the electronic form service are transferred from the XML server to the back-end system, which makes encoding and data entry unnecessary.

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OCR & Scanning Service

At BPOMaesto, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet clients' document imaging needs. We use the latest scanning technology and documents will be scanned to standard TIFF, PDF or other formats to meet the client's specific needs. With numerous high-speed scanners and a staff able to image documents any time, anywhere, we respond to your most demanding requirements.

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